Vinyl Top Repair Replacement DIY Paint Tips ~ Spray Paint a Vogue Car Roof How To Video Easy How To Videos and Complete Car revies is what I am all about here this is something that I was going to put a New top on nd it took so long at the Interior shop that I chose to pick it up and this is the end reult of my Qwest..;-) Hope You enjoy these type of videos an Plaese make sure nd Subscribe..;-)

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  1. Chris D.

    Sound like Ryan Reynolds.
    Cool quick fix.. I'm about to peel one of these off of an old Plymouth..
    Its bubbling up under it.. ughh

  2. grandcreator11

    I knew he sounded like an actor I know lol Ryan Reynolds… but what kinda paint you used? rubber seal? looks good

  3. tongo bongo

    We Apes enjoyed will Subscribe hope you consider subscribing to us. We Apes appreciate the tools you use .. Very impressed

  4. TommyTom

    that a landau top (half roof) …would this be good to do with a full roof…would u get nasty streaks in it due to the large coverage or this only works with a half roof like yours? btw good job hipster!

  5. cougstang

    I pretty much do it the same way you remove and paint the previous vinyl roofs. It is a low dollar easy fix with no more rust bubbles coming threw.

  6. Danny B

    what the fuck did i just watch??? The entire video is this guy removing old vinyl from a car and poof just like magic theres a new roof with no explanation no video showing application no nothing. The fuck go back and learn how to make a video, you have your priorities ass backwards

  7. Filthy Rich And Flameing Knight

    you didnt replace the top back to vinyl. it looks ok. why didnt you do vinyl like your video saids?

  8. Khadijah Daniels

    I have a 1996 Lincoln Town car. That's rusty underneath the Vinyl like this car. I took it in to get an estimate to tear the remaining vinyl. The auto body shop told me they are scared to grind down the rust because they don't know how deep it is and that there might not be enough metal to work with when they are done to prep it and paint it. They estimated it to be about $1200 does this sound right? What did you do here for the rust? How did you prep it? What name brand of spray paint did you use?

  9. Mykle Bust

    Spray paint its good enough for that kind of cars.

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