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How to Reset the Maintenance Light on most TOYOTA models in a few easy steps. No need for any computer or Door and keys sequences.

With the car in on position, set the LCD odometer readout to total mileage or trip A by pushing the button.
Turn the car off (key to the OFF position).
Then put the KEY In 1st position (ACC)
Push down AND HOLD the button that switches the odometer.
Turn key to ON position without starting the car (ON). You will see many lights turned on (check engine, oil, etc). Focus on the odometer, it will start blinking and then goes to all zeros. When it goes to zeros, it means that you have successfully reset the counter.
Release the odometer button.
Turn key to OFF position.
You are done!

Also known to work on this models.

Camry: 2006, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012/2013 (with Trip A)
Corola: 2012, 2015 (with Trip A)
Highlander: 2006
Matrix: 2008
Rav4: 2014
Sienna: 2009, 2010
Tundra: 2013 (with Trip A) …
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