Top 5 checklist for electric car maintenance to keep your EV up and running without issues. More in detail from Brian Cooley:

Our recent video lambasting car engine head gaskets got a few of you electric car haters to remind me that EVs aren’t exactly maintenance-free. Fair enough, so I’ll list our checklist.

5. Tire Rotation
4. Brake Fluid Service
3. Coolant Service
2. Brake Service
1. Battery Care

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  1. Wendigo

    Kinda expecting windshield washer fluid to make it in there lol.

  2. Jeffrey James

    Almost all of these are normal services suggested/required on most vehicles. But they are never performed Haha.

  3. fatboy19831

    Excellent list. For many EV owners, the tires and charging for battery longevity is all you have to worry about.
    In all cars, it is ideal to change your brake fluid every 2 years or 24,000 miles. If you want to have a trouble-free breaking system for 300,000 miles +.

  4. xchopp

    2:18 — Does a LEAF even have coolant? I thought there was no active thermal management of LEAF batteries? My e-Golf is the same: passive cooling only.

  5. 123abc

    You can’t over charge an EV, the electronics will manage that but it can be discharged if not plugged in or overheat or be too cold in extreme weather if it does not have enough juice to manage the cooling and heating of the battery. I believe the Nissan Leaf may not have a cooling system however.

  6. Scott Campbell

    The Leaf’s battery is air cooled even its new 62 kWh battery back. Probably not as durable as Tesla’s coolant battery pack

  7. Chilukar

    2:16 Leaf cooling fluid replacement? Surely the air is replaced naturally as you move along?

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