Top 4 mistakes car owners make, DIY fails with Scotty Kilmer. How to avoid making costly car repair mistakes while fixing your car. Dumb things not to do to your car while fixing it. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 42 years.

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  1. Likeashotgun 1974

    Scotty, my 02 Silverado has 219000 miles on it but the transmission fluid is still pinkish. Should I flush it or leave it? I just got it.

  2. Dollar Diva

    Thanks for getting straight to the point! Newly subbed 🤠

  3. makeminefreedom

    A local mechanic also said it is important to blow out the spark plug wells with compressed air before removing the plugs to keep sand and dirt from falling into your cylinders when they are removed.

  4. iaxable

    I would add overtightening screws to your list, I stripped oil plugs a few times-actually the oil pan threads (auto tranny pan plug is really low torque), get yourselves a darn torque wrench, I mean it. And yes, I did fuckup a spark plug hole once myself, typical newbie

  5. Pieceoflesh

    Changed the oil in my mustang today. Glad I saw this video. There was the oil filter gasket right on the engine. I wouldn't have thought to look. Thanks Scotty.

  6. Roddy Riddle

    Scotty, please check out Bestline oil and transmission additives and let us know what you think. There are 1 or 2 videos on YouTube about it.

  7. Kurt B

    Anyone that needs this advice should take their car to a qualified mechanic, just sayin. I always clean off the oil filter flange before applying the new filter so if there's a gasket or any grime there it won't be there when I'm done. Scotty you forgot to mention another mistake some people make in changing their oil, (over tightening the filter) the results can be devastating. Also when you disconnect the negative battery cable on some newer cars for any length of time it may be necessary to retrain the ECU which may be a specific process as with my Ford F150, if not done properly both performance and gas mileage may suffer. There are methods and devices available for keeping the ECU memory when your battery is disconnected to avoid a P1000 code and the need to retrain your ECU aka PCM in some vehicles.

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