Top 4 mistakes car owners make, DIY fails with Scotty Kilmer. How to avoid making costly car repair mistakes while fixing your car. Dumb things not to do to your car while fixing it. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 42 years.

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  1. Nerol Salguod

    I save the gaskets for other things.
    Spin ons were the best invention for autos.
    I remember the old style filters.
    I once had to put 80-90 in the crankcase in an emergency to get home.
    Drained it and put 30wt in and all was good.
    Dont recommend this though. Good vid.

  2. John Jones

    I have a dodge grand caravan 3.3 the speedometer is acting crazy it drops to 0 and back to its speed but does not stall out and the ESP brake and ads light comes also the engine light the dome head and tail lights flicker no one seem to know what is the problem

  3. Amanda90105 Marie

    So much good information here. I've been watching for over an hour. Going to share with all my co-workers. Many Thanks! Keep up the great work!

  4. David Scott

    Sorry Scotty, I have to disagree with you on one thing. The oil viscosity. At least in certain circumstances it can be better to choose one grade higher of viscosity oil. If it is summer and you live in the south, or somewhere else where it gets above 90 degrees, then you should at least look at your owner's manual and check to see if it recommends using a higher viscosity oil during the summer. I have had cars that specify certain viscosities for certain temperatures but the oil cap only specified the general purpose viscosity. I also believe that this is the reason my car started burning oil after one extremely hot summer vacation trip through California and Arizona. If I had used the thicker oil that it called for, it would probably have ran another 50,000 miles or more before it started to burn oil(almost 200,000 on it now). It was actually quite noticeable of a change. It was all fine and dandy when I did my pre-trip inspection, and through California, and then after traveling most of the way through Arizona I noticed that it was starting to smoke a tiny bit in my rearview mirror. I still kick myself for not thinking of it when I changed the oil to get ready for the trip.

    Another thing about oil viscosity is that manufacturers have to reccomend the correct weight of oil for all possible driving conditions (and crazy drivers), but if you know that you will never redline your engine, or even come close, and you are more likely to lug your engine, then it would probably be better to use one grade higher of viscosity.

  5. Large Rooster

    Here's a tip…. Never change your muffler bearings while the engine is hot because you will get burned !…always use a sky hook to hold up the muffler while you change the bearings.

  6. darthvader4hire

    back in the day.. we always heard of the oil filter gasket disaster. me and my little Bro between us had over 30 cars at one point. my dad also had an auto engine machine shop. we NEVER saw the oil filter doubled O Ring problem. we did hear if it and did preach it to customers but never did we see it. im sure it has happened but ive not seen it. …love the VIDS Scotty:)

  7. dj fytifow

    Scotty t'es un big boss. Comment faire dans les régions chaudes? 10w40 ou 5W30? Toyota Yaris préconisation:1st: 5W30; 2sd: 15w40.

  8. Cud Killer

    I've had the crush washer stick like that oil filter gasket when changing the fuel filter.

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