Dumb Things NOT To Do To Your Car. In this video I go over major mistakes I see people make all of the time with their cars. Let me know if you can think of a big car mistake people make by leaving a comment below!

Tire Air Pressure Gauge I used:

Top 10 Car Cleaning Mistakes:

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  1. 5Xlowe

    I may not be able to clean my car properly. But the polish do

  2. Mario Martinez

    Supreme is thicker gas idiot.. it’s more flammable cause it has more fumes, like what sport cars need .. also supreme pulls a little bit better when u take off so u don’t sound about white ..u don’t even know what u sayin bruh.. continue to put regular gas on ur corvette😂

  3. Capital Bonic

    Your tires are so dry rotted

  4. Lali5782 Amba

    Thank you , a future car owner has to know what to avoid doing.

  5. Maxi ?!?

    Oil change distance depends on your environment, in Canada also every car manufacturer says every 5000km between oil changes because its "extreme weather"

  6. Gab Bras

    When i start my car i ALWAYS sit for awhile. Is this the day i crash into a bus full of nuns?

  7. Rich Poinvil

    Hi Chris. I just discovered you and sub'ed today!
    I almost always warm up my engine before driving my car/motorcycle (outside garage). That means waiting for my temp gauge needle to move of for the temp light to go from blue to off (latter is in my Toyota manual).All the parts will last longer if used at operating temperature. Take something built with even tighter tolerances like an airplane. Catastrophic failures a more likely if you constantly stress the engines before they reach operating temp.

  8. David U

    I give my car 10 minutes

    But it has a carburetor

  9. Gavin Milner

    Change my oil every 2,000 and it seems my shit don't leak don't use oil and last longer it's funny how if you give a dam it don't break
    Plus let's be honest in the realm of things oil is cheaper than pistons rings or blocks

  10. Stephen K

    So step number one you mentioned to let your car run for 10 to 15 seconds which is all well and fine. What if you have a hybrid when you start it it's on battery so the engine doesn't start using gasoline until you reach a certain mile per hour or accelerate certain time. I mean I'm guessing the oil in the car this still moving around but I'm not too sure how they design hybrid. I still let my car sit for a couple seconds before I drive away.

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