Want to start repairing and servicing you own car?

Here are the minimum amount of tools you need to become a home DIY mechanic and start fixing your car on your driveway or street.

The tools used in this video can be bought here:



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  1. GOMADandSquats

    180 for an oil change? Maybe a years worth, if not I need to up my prices. I agree that the tools are a good investment either way.

  2. Bennie Bounce

    It's a bit misleading saying £100 for a socket set but showing a £300 set, granted you can get it cheaper if it's half price with an extra 15% off but that's still £130

    And people saying £180 for an oil change, he said a dealer price not a normal garage price

  3. Eric Bennett

    Loved how you kept the chat to a minimum. Cheerio mate

  4. PHPSoft Andrey

    I like your tools review. I have pretty much everything but breaking bar (using old pipe as extension for the ratchet) What is the regulation for people who have a garage and want do car work at home (project car)? My neighbours complain about noise even day time (they usually complain about any thing really)

  5. Johnson Guite

    if i have a sliding T-bar, do i still need a breaker bar?

  6. abdul sijad

    my mechanic charges £10 for a oil change and £20 for break pad change front or bk dosent matter….

  7. abdul sijad

    but i agree.people get.ripped.off.big time….my cv boot rubber went my.local.part shop charged me £8 for the boot rubber hyundaiain dealer wanted £536……for the same.part

  8. abdul sijad

    my question is which fool.xan afford to fix there car at the dealer when the warranty.finishes

  9. tims

    OBDII Scanner highly recommended. about 40 squid on ebay or amazon

  10. Ronald Allen

    180 pounds for an oil change!! Bro. in the United States and an changes like $35 that's probably like 29 pounds or something oh wow.

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