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This video shows my most commonly used tools. Things I find daily use for. I call it my level 1 tool kit. I also have a level 2 and level 3 kit that I keep close by. I don’t have a place to keep many tools so I do NOT own many special tools like a floor jack, compressor, air or impact tools, etc.

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  1. Matt K

    this reminds me of the new guy at work drives me nuts seeing such a mess of tools I have to keeo all my stuff organized so im not funblimg looking for a tool I need its always in plain sight

  2. Matt K

    I meant no offense by that but even at home I keep it organized just makes it easier to do the job to each there own I am just a little ocd when it comes to my tools

  3. Electrician Dallas Tx

    Thanks for the concepts you have shared here.

  4. Black Labrador

    I also keep a knife, a tool of electrical tape and a few screw clamps in my tool box. However, the one tool that I keep in my car's tool box that is a must is a flashlight.

  5. S Kate

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  6. ScorpionRegent

    Good video. I really appreciate some one who isn't afraid to get in deep and make it happen. There are a lot of tool box tours that are just fashion shows of chrome, your's is like a mechanic's scrapbook. Clearly your skills are better than your tool set up, there's no shame in that. Your system works, I get it, because I've had to work with similar set ups. I made the mistake of thinking that just because I could do everything the hard way, that was how It should be done, then I got organized. There's a big difference between taking the time to do the job right and losing time playing Tool-hunter. Consider treating yourself to an upgrade of steel tool box and bunch socket rails. You can keep the plastic box as a parts locker. All the standard sockets and wrenches won't fit anything with wheels made since the mid 80's. You can keep them separate for household stuff like appliances and old american iron (trucks and muscle cars). Keep turning those wrenches.

  7. Twig

    I find Oetiker clamps rather awkward. The old worm drive or "jubilee" clamps are cheaper, easier, more versatile, reuseable and don't require special tools to fit.

  8. MrJerrybravo

    hey robert i bought a 95 volvo 850 with 83000 miles, now it has 84200 after 3 month ownership and i just checked the oil and it looks like it is a little bit above half way or barely. ( i changed the oil right at 83,000 when i bought it) should i be concerned? i was thinking about adding a oil stop leak to be safe. By the way the car was 1 owner and the interior was very clean so i assume the owner took good care of it. I was also thinking that it leaked oil because i used a full synthetic oil and maybe the car never used that before and therefore leaked.

  9. Kaan Bozkurt

    with those tools you wont be able to do shit on german vehicles

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