Avoid these mistakes when spraying primer on a car. In this video we are spraying epoxy primer and spraying 2K primer surfacer. #epoxyprimer #2Kprimer Learn some mistakes to avoid as DIY Auto Body and Paint demonstrates spraying primer in this video.

Below is the information about the 3M primer gun that I mentioned.

To learn more about the technical data sheet for these primers visit

Information About Mixing Lids and Cups

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  1. jso726

    Hey Donnie, your videos are great, but the audio sucks, please fix it.

  2. Taurus/Hipoint Enthusiast

    I am going to ask Acid Etch Primer over J/B Epoxy weld? or should I remove the J/B weld first? and Thanks

  3. Dave Williams

    Thanks for answering my question about mandatory primering first before topcoating one single panel. I have a decent hood, which just wanted sand up and spray, Not wasting time or money priming the entire hood, there is no filling involved and no bare metal. I just remember the days back in the '70's when I used to pull the car under a cool tree and sand and spray it then go out in the same car later that day!

  4. Reno Simpson

    What vitamins are you adding to your primer? I was thinking about adding some B12 for that energetic look, you know get a speeding ticket when parked look…

  5. Semper Fi

    I’m spraying a truck with ShopLine epoxy and 2k primers right now. I’m trying to double a triple check all my info. These videos have helped a lot. Thank you

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