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Are you Kidding Me!! No More DIY Auto Repair in Sacramento, CA!!

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  1. 1970chevelle396

    I live 45 minutes away from Sacramento, sometimes I do jobs there. I'm still going to keep doing jobs there. If there is any problems I will tell them to give the customer the fine. LOL

  2. Tommy Apples

    Moved from California recently. Back to pensyltucky.where my family is from. For the 4th we set off fireworks that may have interfered with commercial aircraft. So did all my neighbors. The only crime ive seen since being back was excessive displays of explosives in the name of patriotism. It rains every few days. Gas is a dollar cheaper. My house is 1/5 the price. But the women are twice the size….. California women are as hot as they are crazy. I do miss that.

  3. mattstumpf31

    I think there are many different reasons for these ordinance. I think the county had no choice. The homeless population has gotten so bad here in Sacramento that people are living in cars and broke down RV’s everywhere. I watched some morons try to change a trans in a old grand marquis down the street from my shop. They were bold enough to do it in the street no pans or anything. Anyone who has changed a trans knows how messy that is. Needless to say our tax dollars had to pay to get it towed away and the oil slick(about 10 feet away from a storm drain, rip fish I like to catch.) to get cleaned up. California is not changing. It has become more populous and when that happens people will fuck things up for everyone else. This ordinance simply enables the police to stop abusers and try to keep our streets from looking like homeless camps. I think it’s safe to say that the average joe who need to save a buck and change his own alternator is safe. Just try to think about things a little deeper before you say “Fuck California I’m out of here as soon as I can. “ That gets old, Ive heard it over and over for decades. Guess what? Those other states don’t want you.

  4. xephael

    Many cities have these sort of rules. They don't want cash mechanics working out of their garage or having beat up vehicles all over. Cities are becoming the HOA basically. I hate cities.

  5. JB the Stoner

    Come on down to texas man, plenty of mechanic jobs and half as cheap as California

  6. HaroRider03088

    I remember when America used to be free..

  7. PaganWizard

    Thumbs down because California politicians are on some straight up BUUUULLLLLLSSSSHHHHIIIIIIIIITTTTTTT

  8. Snap-off

    I disregard our "no automobile repairs" "code" of our HOA. Fuck em. They think they can dictate repairs IN our garages. The "inspector" doesn't come by in the evenings when I'm working till 2 am anyway. . . Will never buy in an HOA again. My next garage will have a small "jiffy lube" basement in it for just walking down under the cars without lifting them. Pretty sure in California the most common "tool" in a residence are the residents. {:-)

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