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Make rust hole repairs on your car or truck with spray foam and body filler. A low cost method! PASS your state inspection!

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  1. James Crabb

    I like simple, quick, common sense ideas like this. What you did looks good enough and was something that most people could do at home. Thanks…

  2. uhyeahnooo

    Good job ….getting ready to follow your instructions. Thanks!

  3. Erik Mitchell

    That looks great man! Nice job! I'll be doing the same on my k1500 in the spring.

  4. Green Power Farm

    New sub here bud..I like your style..I am a hillbilly out here in NC.

  5. Chase Brown

    My whole rock was gone and half my cab corner and I used spray foam and cardboard to make a shape around the area and drilled holes in the cardboard sprayed the foam up inside let it cure and then took cardboard off sand down to shape it and used fiberglass bondo then bondo body filler and it turned out great.

  6. Hiram Abiff

    How long does it really last tho

  7. Stacey Boggs

    thanks bro. getting ready to do my rockers and cab corners on my f350.

  8. Jeremy Dudley

    Awesome man. Have an older car I'm just going to abuse on Sundays but figure I'll touch up with this. Also bearded and love bikes. Sub'd for sure. ✌️

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