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Drive chain is one of the most important part of a motorcycle and its periodic maintenance is very important. As per rule book we should look at the drive chain every 300-400 kms and should clean and lube it accordingly. Here I am doing periodic chain maintenance on my Yamaha R15 V3. Although R15 V3 is very smooth motorcycle but if you will maintain the chain periodically, you will find the bike performing way smoother than usual.

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  1. Yogesh M

    Bro 1st service is over but it's showing 26 mileage in digital meter… And I'm riding my bike in top gears

  2. Rakesh Ghosh

    Bro wo stand me kaha se purchase karu.??????

  3. MoGITH

    Superb bro need more maintenance videos ..

  4. Monarch Kargavkar

    Sir Aapne center stand Kaha see liyaa ?


    Bhai a ap a Dobule stand or usta bolt kaha sea kharid keya tha plz link dejeya na…or Bolt ka nam kay..

  6. DCV

    Don't forget to read the description guys. Cheers

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