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PC7 Epoxy Paste – FIX RUST WITH THIS! Rust Repairs Made Easy for the DIY GUY. Minor Rust Spot Repairs Made Easy. Do it Yourself Rust Patching on cars and trucks. Making Rust disappear for good. Learning how to get rid of rust for automotive use. Do It Yourself with My Friend Pete and DIY AUTO SCHOOL. PC7 epoxy paste for rust removal.
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PC7 Epoxy Paste:

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  1. Hal Jalikakik

    How the heck did Pete know I was thinking about JB Weld???

  2. The88katana600

    will have to try some of this pc7 stuff

  3. Abady 4 ever

    I love your intro video
    I never got bored of it

  4. Christian Metsch

    I hate inconspisowisss rust, it's the worst

  5. Jim Clarke

    Excellent video, new product to me

  6. Silver Hair

    Pete seems very calm today…. No Mercedes to set him off..

  7. Chevy nova Wagon

    Pete how did you hear about pc7?

  8. deliveryguyrx

    I used PC-7 when I was in grade school to make a fork extension on my bicycle.I hammered the extra forks into the ones that were already on the bike,slathered each one with PC-7 and let them dry.That extension never broke (it flexed a lot mind you);jumped curbs and went trail blazing and it all stayed together. I may wind up using this stuff on the rocker panel of my '65 Studebaker.I like the idea of the acetone brush to smooth everything out!


    It's time to fix some rust and say goodbye for ever to the sloppy mess.. Now check out the DIY AUTO SCHOOL Merchandise above this comment and HELP MY FRIEND PETE Get out of Dallas so he can move to Moab! WE NEED SUPPORT HERE! Thanks for watching!

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