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  1. Richard Dotson

    Would that work on a 1992 Pontiac Firebird?
    I have a slight dent near the gas tank.

  2. David White

    Stick to sniffing paint! You scraped up the inside of that car. Can you say rust and corrosion now? You cant even remember what the process is called.  PDR Paintless Dent Repair. No special tools needed, right! Vidoe never showed a dent, or the repair finish. Im sure it looks wonderful, from your couch after a 6 pack.

  3. definedbyfate

    Yeah I'm a paintless dent repair technician…and this video gave me brain cancer. The worst part is the comments and you people believing this crap.

  4. Joss 9

    Would a screw driver work? Little dent is in the hood of car

  5. Alex King

    do not use these techniques on your vehicle your going to not only scratch the living shit out of the paint and primer on the inside of the panel but it will cause rust quicker/ more easily especially in a wheel well never mind spider cracks likely to appear from the paint flex. If you want to do PDR I strongly suggest getting a few actual PDR rods and glue pullers and doing some research on the matter. There are a few PDR techs who post on youtube. Just because you can saw down a philips head screwdriver to use as a standard doesn't mean you should. GET THE RIGHT TOOLS LEARN PROPER PDR TECHNIQUES.

  6. Jeremy Vawter

    You had a video with a guy taping the end of the tool. You should watch it.

  7. garry7263

    Wow, brainless idiots. Im sure that if he scrapped the paint off the inside, he would primer it and put some sort of paint sealer, or undercoating on it, out of a rattle can is fine. By the way, paintless dent removal is not a way to pay less for a repair, it allows you to KEEP the FACTORY paint intact on the exterior, and it is not usually cheaper either. I have done paintless dent removal long before it was a thing. If you can get the dent out without having to repaint and blend, you save the integrity of the panel. Of course those places that train you want you to keep everything a secret, because they want more people to the training. Anyone with a little common sense and knowledge of how the dent was formed and the stresses on the metal can do it, but it takes some patience. Personally, I would not be using a prybar, but if My Friend Pete wants to use it and it works, good for him. I would rather use a tool that does not have a sharp corner. But hey, if he pokes too far and cracks the paint, I think he is capable of repairing it since he does know paint and body.

  8. J F

    Nice job. My problem was towards the lower front of the right rear fender where i dont have leverage . Theres only about 2 inch space because of the wheel well hahaha. Damnit.

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