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  1. Ed Weibe

    I'm such a do-it-yourselfer….. I don't even have a garage. I work on my lawn or on a clear area across from my house. yes I've had to pull my legs in a time or two so as to not get ran over from passing cars. #notproud

  2. Jake Elliott

    A plate of glass also makes a great, flat surface for lapping and flattening components when combined with some wet or dry or lapping paste.

  3. Kevin

    if your having trouble installing a rubber bushimg use your floorjack and the underneath of your car to press into the control arm

  4. Scott Wheat

    Fedora 19 Schrodinger's Cat Schrödinger's cat: a cat, a flask of poison, and a radioactive source are placed in a sealed box. If an internal monitor (e.g. Geiger counter) detects radioactivity (i.e. a single atom decaying), the flask is shattered, releasing the poison, which kills the cat. The Copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics implies that after a while, the cat is simultaneously alive and dead. Yet, when one looks in the box, one sees the cat either alive or dead not both alive and dead. This poses the question of when exactly quantum superposition ends and reality collapses into one possibility or the other

  5. Jacob Hendrix

    I just used the bread trick I found on YouTube last week to pop a pilot bearing out. Not sure if that was mentioned in the comments- it looks like the video has been up a while and didn’t want to go through all comments. Don’t be a doosh and make neg comments- he and other techs are just trying to help each other out.

  6. Will McGregor

    Many great tips.
    See yu on Shark Tank one day I bet?

  7. RC Hobbyist Extreme

    Someones brake fluid needs changing. If it is that dirty it needs replacing. Its not that hard. I use my Turkey baster.

  8. 981516ortega

    Get a gun loaded and shoot your self death make life easier

  9. Reg Clyne

    Great idea I just replaced my intake manifold gaskets on my 5.3 litre as they were leaking I was told to replace the knock sensors at the same time with genuine parts keep in mind there was nothing wrong with the old ones I also replaced the wiring harness did the silicone dam update the new gaskets fixed the problem but a week later thru a code for bank 1 knock sensor I refuse to tear it down again Do you have a video on this love your channel

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