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Today I did the first oil change on my 2010 Lotus Evora!

I went with Penzoil Full Synthetic oil: $24.00
Oil Filter: Toyota 04152-yzza1 $5.12

The car had a fresh oil change when I bought it and I have driven about 6,000 miles since then. I should be able to run about 5/6K on synthetic.

The oil change was very simple. 19, 10mm bolts to remove the under tray. Then just remove the oil drain plug, 14mm, and remove the oil filter. After everything is drained, put the new filter and drain plug in. Fill it up with 5 quarts of oil. But checking the dip stick, I let the car run after the video was complete and drove around the block. After letting the oil circulate, it measured right where it needed. Always make sure to check the dipstick before putting the skid plate back on.

* After checking the oil the next day on flat ground. It was spot on. So 5 quarts in looks to be perfect *
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  1. Kenneth Bowry

    Nice, great to see some hands on Guys rare theses days.

  2. J⃟O⃟N⃟A⃟T⃟H⃟A⃟N⃟ S⃟C⃟H⃟U⃟L⃟T⃟Z⃟

    how much lemonade do I have to sell to buy this car?

  3. Dustin Branton

    Buying a 2013 Evora in White this week. I love your video and appreciate the how to video. Btw to your brother the Evora is better 😜

  4. Sergey Rush

    Really cool too see brothers that have such a good relationship, a rare sight to see nowadays! Great video guys, what year is the Lotus by the way?

  5. Barney Wobba

    Don't forget guys, if you check the oil straight after the engine running it will show low on the dipstick as oil is still up top in the head and block. Leave it for a bit then recheck.

  6. clarkstoncracker

    FYI, don't run 5W30 in your Evora, or for those who have supercharged versions. The proper oil is 5W40. Most of those who track tend to use Shell Rotella T6 which has a ton of zinc which is great for the engine. Also, ALWAYS replace your o-rings. They will never collapse the same again, and will leak. You also already had a leak on your pan, you hopefully cleaned it. I stopped watching when you were measuring the oil level with the car elevated. So much wrong here.

  7. Abílio França

    You have to open the oil cap first and pull the metal stick a bit before you drain the oil. Otherwise a lot of oil residual will not come due to the vacuum.

  8. Altruistic

    if you tilted the car from the back, looking at the drain plug location, would you not be able to drain all the oil from the sump this way?

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