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Pat Cadam of Pat’s Garage in San Francisco explains Hybrid car maintenance and how it differs from that of conventional gasoline vehicles. Check out more at More Videos on Driverside:
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    How much kms its needs battery replacement??

  2. Adachy john

    please toyota hybrid car 2005 drags for 10mins when moving and jerks for a while and then continue moving again, please could be wrong, please me on

  3. Travis Plume

    My 2005 Prius has 664,000 miles. Changed oil, tires, spark plugs, all fluids and brakes. Nothing else. My 2010 has 258,000 miles on it, same maintenance. Both are still going strong.

  4. Howard Thrilkill

    I have a 2007 Prius with 330,000 miles. I do semi regular oil changes at 6k to 9k. I have done 3 tune ups, replaced one valve cover gasket, replaced one water pump,which was covered by warranty, 2-12 volt batteries, 1 catalytic converter. 1 wheel bearing. I carry 3 ladder, 2 of which are Little Giants, tools and equipment to do kiosk to fire alarm installs .I live in Western slope of Colorado and travel from Forrest roads to ice packed. I gone places were a F250 4wd won't follow. And regularly received the following commets from SUV onwers "How did you get that back here". It is not maintenance free but pretty low cost. I get 46 to 50 MPG depending on how much weight I am carring. I do not exceed 72 mph which helps with MPG. My biggest problem I have with the car is that I have hit 3 deer, it is a magnet for them.

  5. ashley peters

    hi there , I was told by a honda dealership that a service for 75000km will cost $630 . is this to much ?can you advise

  6. giotinez

    camry el hybrid 2014 it has now 135k miles on it and additionally to the oil change and gas I changed tires twice and air cabin filter three times and it is running like new.

  7. neal adkins

    I own a carry hybrid. The car is amazing. I had to change the hybrid battery pack at around 145k miles. But I live in a very hot climate. What contributed to the bat pac failure was the auxiliary 12v battery failed and I didn't know it because the car has no starter. But the hybrid charging system was working harder to keep the baf 12v charged thus neglecting the main bat pac. I found an after market for less than 2k and installed it myself. The car will probably go another 150k miles or more virtually trouble free. If you want to drive aggressively maybe a hybrid is not for you. The 10 year 150k warranty is only for green states like California, but check for your specific vehicle and specific state.

  8. Nickie McNichols

    Thanks for this info. We just bought a Prius and I don't think it will be our last one. I'm already sure this car will outlast my Saturn, which was a truly wonderful car.

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