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Repair unsightly rust before it’s too late.

If the car has a natural enemy, it’s rust. Left unattended it’s unsightly and unsafe, but can be repaired with the right products and a bit of effort. You can keep your car in top condition by checking your body work as often as you check your oil and repairing rust spots as soon as they appear.

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  1. Brendan Matthys

    I had no idea that wet sanding filler causes rust. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Ray Johnson

    Only treating/repairing one side will not stop the rust. It will continue to rust on the back side. It can only be eliminated by cutting the rusted areas out completely. I know this because I worked many years in the auto repair business and I currently work at an auto factory.

  3. Frank Leferink

    Thank god, informative without shitty music

  4. Don Desnoo

    Need to paint back side of repair can drill or remov panel aluminum roof coat works too some say trans fluid 😎

  5. clinton epps

    i have done a similar repair but i sanded to bare metal on the inside of the door and front guards then applied a skim layer of fibre filler to an area 4 times larger than rust hole, then a small amount of bog to the outside of said panels and the rust never returned, maybe cause i removed the buildup of leaves in the panels

  6. Lubear 0000

    No body seems to fix the rust on the inside,like mould if you see it ,its on both sides.

  7. 777 Smitty

    this is fine if you plan to pass the junkyard car on to next sucker but if you wish the repair to last this is not the way !!!!!!

  8. Christian Thério

    What about the inside the rust come back from there and end up piercing back an rust again

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