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Restore Damaged Wheels! How to repair rims with deep scratches and curb rash. This wheel repair works on your aluminum alloy and steel rims no matter how deep the scratch or how bad the curb rash!
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Products I used:
Metal Reinforced Bondo:
ChrisFix Soapy Wooder: Priceless!
Rubbing Alcohol:
80 grit Sandpaper:
320 grit Sandpaper:
600 grit Sandpaper:
Spot Putty:
Primer Filler:
Silver Metallic Spray Paint:
Wheel Clear Coat:

How to Repair Aluminum Rims:
How to Paint Wheels:
How to Remove Scratches:

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This video was supported by 3M. I use 3M products for my projects so this was a perfect fit for a wheel repair video!

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  1. Marcus Bellamy

    Yup everytime i curb my wheel i come to this video! Haha

  2. K-a_ B

    Chris, you are amazing for everything you do. I really enjoy watching you do the work just for entertainment. Thank you Chris.

  3. philboytano

    This is 1 of the best wheel repair instructional video out there! Thanks Chrisfix!

  4. Another-Saab Story

    I like to use self etching primer when doing and paint on wheels.

  5. thatsonyou

    how many cans should I buy? aproximately 1 per wheel or more?

  6. Dennis Gitau Njuguna

    Chris fix thank for your great effort in your job it is awesome I like it because it is step wise one can easily follow and do it , thanks. Chris fix if you put a video on heart surgery, why lie, I will go and do ('-')it thumbs up. I cant imagine how much monies you have saved me

  7. Jack Peltzel

    Can you powder coat over that bondo? Not sure if it would stick before you bake it on there.

  8. D N

    I took my brand new car to an independent tire shop to have upgraded tires installed.
    The dipshits scratched the hell out of the rims. I didn't notice until a few weeks later when I gave the wheels a good cleaning.

  9. D N

    Did he say Junk Yard?
    Chris… the politically correct term is Salvage Yard. LOL

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