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This video shows how to remove small dents with Paintless Dent Repair.
The Haley Ford has a full service auto body shop, including a paintless dent repair department. Watch as our paintless dent repair technician, Ian Hall, removes a door ding and a large dent from this Volvo station wagon. The paintless dent repair process and can save you time and money on dent repairs. Give our body shop a call for more information at (804)748-2253

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  1. Deals on Wheels

    the body shop paint won't match 100%, and could end up being a complete hack job with orange peel, fish eyes, mismatched paint.. give me paintless dent removal with 90% gone vs an entire panel looking like complete crap

  2. ronch550

    91 body repair service providers disliked this video.

  3. ronch550

    What if the dent is on the bottom of the opening where they usually put a strip of plastic? I dropped my phone while exiting my SUV and it landed smack on that tiny strip of metal.

  4. F Briceno

    Did it myself had a like an 18 inch dent

  5. Windows Explorer

    I came here because this is what I did to someone else car and they r suspicious of who did it

  6. Water spider

    how about the top of the frame over the door

  7. Water spider

    why doesn't he make more videos this one has gone viral I'm sure he could be YouTube famous

  8. Butch Cassidy

    Hey Guys. I have a small quarter size Ding in my rocker panel on my BRZ. Pearl White. There is no paint chipped off of it. One guy who does Paint-less dent repair for a living said he can’t fix it bc of the rocker panelI can’t believe it. It looks so easy. I have a Dent pulled system and may try it. Any info I would appreciate it.

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