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  1. TheOliveboy93

    Thank you very much for the tutorial mate. I'll be doing my first respray based off your instructions. Also really like that stripe you left in. Gave me some ideas to add in, since I have a airbrushed quarter panel.


    Pete- do you always put pinstripes on last, or are there any "special situations" where you would clear coat OVER striping? Is there a chance of a buffer catching an edge, and peeling it off? Thank you

  3. med k

    good job…..did any one like Google recommendation? Google recommendation nothing to do from what i watching.

  4. tom puskarich

    Just watched your 3 part video on painting car hood….besides doing an excellent job…it put a few smiles on my face.

    One question though, I will be repainting my truck hood and was wondering how to go about reaching the back end or should I start on a fender edge and work across the hood. Thought of using a small ladder to be able to reach the back. Also I see I need to have the paint gun perpendicular to hood, about 8"-10" away.

    Its been a few years since you made this so I hope you are still around.

  5. MisterFuturtastic

    Was there a reason you chose this type of primer you did for this project?

  6. Jgizzy -redacted-

    Poor lil guy seems kind of intimidated and shut down by his father at 7:50 lol

  7. John Rogers

    I didn't even pay attention to his annoying voice othe than cutting his vocal cords. Treat that boy with some respect. i get your doing a video and can't take time to teach him right now but if your like that usually to him then your a straight up dicl head and I feel sorry for the poor boy. wish i could cut your ass down through this screen I would pull your pussy ass out an gang rape your shotter with your mom's dido.
    you got skills but it doesn't mean you need to be a mege redneck douche bag.
    wait till that boys grown and speak like that to him if he gets a temper like that you might just find yourself on the floor like my abusive step father did. I knocked that mother fucker out, told him to get up a fight when he was concious. He wouldnt so I packed my shit ain't saw his sorry ass in years.

    won't ever watch your shot videos again, you don't even show shit hardly other than some stupid pin stripe and being absurdly rude to your own child who just wants to belike his and apart of what he does.

    but here's to you mother fucker ,,l,-_-,l,, learn some god damn respect for your children you miserable fuck.


    Its ok video but fuck u talk a lot and u didnt show a lot of stuff if u trying to show how some one should paint a car its not helping it's just showing what u did half way at least u working

  9. jvaubry

    Nice video thank you. You keep telling me to get off my ass – you must be able to see me lying on the couch right now! However, since you did not remove the bmw medallion and the windshield washer nozzles but instead masked them, the critical eye would be able to discern from those details that the hood was repainted.

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