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Here is a detailed and in depth lesson on how to repair a wrecked bumper cover and paint it to completion! We start out with the repair job and get it ready for paint as My Friend Pete takes us through all the important steps of doing a Professional Job! or 972-420-1293

Original Destination: How To Repair And Paint A Bumper Cover From Start To Finish-Part 1

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  1. 427bird69

    love you have cans turned so you dont promo the corp jerks

  2. 427bird69

    I have used the exact can primer you show. On small spot repairs. Sprays out in force kinda like the pattern. . I have not had any problems with it except it will left repainted panels.

  3. Jay Primarolo

    I learned a lot from your channel on bumper repair and paint. I have repainted and repaired a few auto body pieces since watched but recently ran into a problem. My spray gun was clogged so I used a Preval aerosol sprayer and it worked great until I applied clear coat. The clear coat appeared rough and bumpy. What is the cause of this? Thanks!!

  4. Shane Bowles

    awesome video Pete. I have a toyota previa and the front bumper cover has small chunks missing on some of the edges. could you use this method to repair it. thanks shane

  5. Rock&Roll

    Nice of you Pete to take care of the little people. Some other painter didn't like your work but I think it's great. Other guy he just an armature has no right to criticise your work. All he had was a funky dink paint gun that I judge by his work wasn't great. He think his technique is better than your but didn't think so. I am not gonna name names.

  6. 23tomi23

    So I picked up used rear bumper for my car that previous owner tried to paint it himself. Now cracks are all over the bumper so I sanded with 120 some areas down to raw plastic. Should I spray adhesion promoter before I apply filler? Will filler stick to sanded plastic? Or should I continue sanding raw plastic with 180 240 320 red and gray scotch brite spray adhesion promoter and then apply filler?

  7. Abraham King

    Pete you are the best. I thought you said you were gonna epoxy prime it but you didnt

  8. David Bryant

    Never mix body filler on cardboard…amateur mistakes…moron

  9. Diana a

    Thank you✨👍😁
    I needed this info…
    You de man!💪👌

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