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On this rotted and rusted fender job, My Friend Pete shows us how to repair the fender of a 1966 Chevy Truck and runs into some serious problems along the way! or 972-420-1293

HOW TO: Repair A Rusted Fender-On A Car Or Truck-Part 1


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  1. Reverend Tacos Guidos Mananeros

    Pete's friend is very talented ,he always seems to have working projects.

  2. J T Howard

    Pete ol buddy, "Looser" looks ripped!! Too much weed brother

  3. Timo

    Thank you Mr. Pete. My brother is restoring a 1969 Fire-bird TA and he has some problems like this. With my background in cars he wants me to do the work even though I only have a limited knowledge in this area and I am WLL for sure. I am very grateful that you are willing to take time out to help us with your expertise. RIP Eddie the van guy

  4. Joe Dirt

    I feel bad for for eddie especially when his wife passed away im sure he loved her a lot and he missed her a lot too and mourned her death. It also  wasnt right for his own family to treat him like crap. But i also believe in god who created us and i know he will set the record straight.

  5. james davies

    could do without all the swearing! I like to show my students……

  6. Diego Orozco Velazquez

    I like your jobs
    congratulations PETE

  7. Ronnie Wilcox

    what is the point of using the 'F" word and profanity?  Square foots?  lolidiot

  8. dadrules714

    Great step by step. Never mind the preppy haters w/ clean fingernails and hater mentality. Been there w/ aft market Guess I'll watch the next vid to see if you resolved the pooling prob (water resting in fender-preventative maintenance) put in a drain hole……..Thanks Bro

  9. Katahdin Valley Outfitters

    Low budget. Come on man.

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