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On this rotted and rusted fender job, My Friend Pete shows us how to repair the fender of a 1966 Chevy Truck and runs into some serious problems along the way! or 972-420-1293

HOW TO: Repair A Rusted Fender-On A Car Or Truck-Part 1


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  1. Tim Osmond

    Just a big "Thank you", for taking the time to pass on your knowledge and your humor to people like me who want to learn. Sincerely, a 49 year old dude who loves working on cars.

  2. megaeverything101

    replace fender be done with it..faster cheaper

  3. Paul L

    Dumb question alert: Why not use the entire fender section and weld at that narrowest point above the wheel well? Too weak a joint?

  4. Steven Fox

    Shit Pete ! thats how I roll ! everybody jackin with my shit ! Youre right ! Patience and BEER !

  5. Robert Boyero

    Never seen a patch panel that large, where do you get that from?

  6. Nels Nelstone

    My 65 has aftermarket fiberglass fenders. Why bang your head against the wall

  7. Gene Miller

    Yeah, this that and the other. Get it done.

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