In this episode Dave gets a pro in to show us how to fix a dent (dent repair) use body filler the right way. After getting a quote for around $800 we thought we could show how you can do it yourself,.
Without a stud gun or expensive tools this guide will give you the know how to repair almost any dent you come across.

Thanks to Peter Lamb from Melomotive

VG Auto Paints


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  1. maccollectorZ

    I wouldn't do this with an expensive vehicle… but, look out, Ford Crown Victoria!

  2. Commenting Account

    Not something I'd care to do on an expensive car, but it would certainly be a nice little fix for a beater.

  3. The Benchman

    Is customspraymods a pro ? Or just a DIY youtube guy ? whats vgpaints ?

  4. Clorox bleach. A bottle more useful than you think

    Most people don’t go to school for autobody. They can still do a pretty good job and will look good and not fail for a while but to fully understand the faults in their work they would have to talk to someone who has been to school or go to school and that’s not always easy. Before going to school I would do similar repairs, nobody is perfect you learn from mistakes. Nobody was born with the knowledge of doing body work and repairing cars.

  5. Wipsplash

    Glue tabs with a slide would have worked much better.

  6. American Operator

    I’m used to pushing it in nice and hard whenever I find a tight hole…I’d be a natural at this stuff 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  7. pathfinder

    Awesome job and explanation. Thanks !!

  8. BlackRainIsWet

    Looks like you added too much hardener I use a little dot and it does the trick

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