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In this video I show how to change your oils an Audi TT and how to avoid huge repair bills just by simple maintenance

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  1. Shaun Jones

    Great informational video. I do like the oil pump, keep the good work up.

  2. luke newsome

    Love your vids, you should definitely bring out more content

  3. Jayco

    First time viewer of your channel – thank you YT recommends 👍 The amount of MK1 TTs out there that have been clocked is unreal – always check the MOT history online (etc) for evidence of ‘mileage correction’ 😂

  4. Alen Kahriman

    Yes Boydie 👍🏼…your vids have helped me out loads man and Im sure many others…keep up the good work bigman 👍🏼…quick question for you and all your viewers and fellow diyer’s…would you recommend an engine flush when changing oil and filter or not…for the sake of like a £5 is it worth doing and mainly safe for the engine…safe 👊🏼

  5. Ashley Burton

    I don't understand why you don't just remove the sump plug if you had it on ramps. Never had an issue with any sump plug

  6. Dennis B

    The majority of people that are buying TT's now are not hands so end up crying at repair/maintenance bills, you should drop the sump and clean the oil pick up pipe strainer, it's worth the effort.

  7. Gregers

    Com on! 1.8 225 hp with skiny 225 tires is sports car?
    It is just really really cool looking golf.

  8. Pescarusul Albastru

    Many cars you don't know what they been trough.
    Many cars out there , is no possibility to check for many different reasons .
    The car is a gamble at least the old ones .
    I m buying and I m selling many different cars .
    Some times something what looks like major defect can be something very simple and the other way around .
    Is very good if you ve got your own software to check the car .
    Is also very good if you can do bit of maintenance yourself .
    Sometimes even a good mecanic can go wrong about your car, that doesn't mean that his always right .
    It happened to me with E65. 745i ( a well known full with defects car )or s w220 with air suspension .
    Most of the times is not what is looks is it.
    With cars you need to be pacient , diy , and a lot of research ( information , cheap parts and tools , working methodologys , and a lot of patience).
    All the best to everyone .

  9. Pescarusul Albastru

    I m using the same type of pump.
    Sometimes they work great but sometimes is take in so long with it to extract the oil.
    A friend of mine got an electric battery powered one and is doing a fantastic job.
    The only issue I ve found with his electric one is that it doesn't have 3 different diameters pipes and sometimes you really need different diameters pipes to get all the oil out .
    But still is quite annoying the manual one .
    The electric powered one and obviously if able to get some different diameters pipes /plastic everything is great.
    All the best .

  10. Steve Lowtwait

    I've never changed my own oil in my because I have to park on city streets (no driveway or garage) and I don't want to climb under my car there. I just got my first TT which lead me here. I never knew about those oil extraction rigs. Brilliant! This will save me a lot of money and effort. Thank you.

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