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I walk you step-by-step and show you what sand papers to use, how to pull out dents, how to use a stud welder, how to lay body filler, how to prime and how to paint.

There is a lot more details involved to completing a show room paint job and I do want to show you that as well.

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  1. A YouTube channel with no name

    why do people take the headlights out? im new to this stuff

  2. Raj veer

    Hello brother My name is Rajveer. Can you help me? I want this stuff that you use to paint the car. All the tune I want. I do not have the money. Money help if you can do this stuff. If you can help please request me also want to be like you. A new painter Your younger brother Rajveer

  3. Raj veer

    Rajveer may contact n 9999428231Hello brothenr Only Tools Brother Please Help Me

  4. Stavros Raf

    AMAZING video. I just found a mk3 supra for about 3.000 euros and i am seriously considering it as my project car. I have no experience in restoring cars so this will probably be my first and this video is fucking GOLD thank you so much and keep it up!!!!!

  5. Jr Cerezo

    Good job boss! You're so great on painting cars and designs.

  6. Jr Cerezo

    Can i ask you a question boss? I want to learn how to paint may motorcycle. I don't know what to buy compressor. Is it ok if i will buy 1 horse power air compressor? I can start painting my motorcycle using that 1 hp air compressor? TIA

  7. YellowScarf

    Man you are my hero <3 Great job, I think I'll try painting my car… paint is really worn after 20 years 🙂 I can't do worse than that

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