Using simple tools to find and create body lines on a car or truck couldn’t be easier then drawing a picture with a pencil. or 972-420-1293

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  1. jessman1004

    Work with metal, not with cheap bondo. That´s no repair or even a restoration….

  2. Miguel Rubio

    bodywork is long tedious work, I rather watch the home shopping network than do bodywork, but itś got to get done.

  3. Dan Shields

    When you are not acting like a BIG MOUTHED ASS WHOLE CLOWN you actually have a good knowledgeable video.

  4. boberson33

    How can you redraw that contour line perfectly with your right hand? Aren't you a lefty?

  5. Sansui Mcpeters

    loose pencil Pete lol.. i was cussing my wrench n crap i said `ill bet its up my arse i probably fin set on it“lol the dumb things we say whilst working on junk

  6. Fariko Pacer

    I’ve been doing auto body for 3 years. Been in shop after shop. Still learning new tips and tricks from the older guys. This dude is hella funny too 😂

  7. Flat Foot

    Dude, I'm worn to just listening to you yell so much.

  8. Jeffry Blackmon

    That's a precision pencil in your hand. U R the best! Thanks for the video.

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