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Here’s a tech tip on using FIRE to fix bad dents! My Friend Pete uses a cutting torch to pull dents out of a 1967 Chevy Camaro.

Utilizing the use of heat to pull a dent out of metal is easy and simple if you have the right tools. Controlling the amount of heat is the trick for not warping the steel. A body hook is used to pull the dent once the quarter panel is heated up to a cherry red ball and letting it cool down on it’s own will leave you with some minor hammer and dolly work.. Save Money and Time by using Heat!
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  1. robbie autrey

    Really great tip on using the torch thanks. Where else can you come to and not only get tips on how to build cars but also lessons on life..

  2. Garage Time - Restomod

    Hey Pete, how do you prep the backside of those panels so they don't rust?

  3. American News Frequency

    "I'm using the end of my tool , as a tool " lol My Friend Petes the BEST !

  4. Mitchell Loven

    Been watching for years. I'm so glad that Pete has made this channel. I would love to work at his shop. But I can live through his videos. Getting ready for my first restoration, so nervous.

  5. George Pizzinato jr

    You’re the man 👨 Pete thank for the tips

  6. dog bounty

    I love your Rants…..they are the best on YouTube.

  7. marcellinasfigaro

    A tech tip and life lesson all from My friend Pete.


    Here's a quick way to repair hard to fix dents when common dent pullers can't be used. It's NOT for all situations due to heat warps metal, but used in the right areas it can be a time saving and money saving experiance.. Comment below and if you have any tech tips or helpful hints please share them in the comment section… Thanks for watching!

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