If you own a car, you need to know how to check your engine oil, period. This video will layout how easy this task actually is.


Eastwood Professional Folding Underhood LED Light
Item #30989

The Eastwood Professional Underhood Folding LED Light features 40 super high-intensity LED’s for maximum light output. Features 0° to 180° angle of adjustment, 180° individual tube rotation, spring-loaded hooks & a three function switch for maximum versatility.

Three function switch: Low, High & Off
Center-Hinge between tubes for 0° to 180° angle of adjustment
Individual tubes rotate through a full 180°
Spring-Loaded, Rubber Coated Hooks range from 48″ to 68″
9 Volt DC, 500MA Wall Charger with 6′ cord
12 Volt, 500MA Car/Power Port Charger with 6′ cord
7.4 Volt, 2200MA Lithium Ion Battery
1400 Lumens Light Output
1.5 Hours Maximum Working Time on High
3 Hours Maximum Working Time on Low
5-6 Hour Charge Time

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  1. Oscar De la Serna

    What if your car doesn't have a dipstick? Don't laugh; some modern BMWs don't have one.

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