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As an ASE certified technician and garage owner with over 25 years in the automotive industry, Frank Leutz has seen his fair share of costly car repairs in the garage. Frank shares some recommendations and maintenance tips that can be completed by those with multiple skill levels in the garage, from DIY auto enthusiasts to auto repair novices, by explaining why these maintenance best practices are important and how you should do them safely. Learn how to check your battery, examine radiator hoses, replace the coolant, and why using a fuel additive like Techron Complete Fuel System Cleaner from Chevron is important to see better engine performance and maximize your fuel economy. If you want to avoid expensive automotive problems, follow these tips and stay #TechronClean.


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  1. Jacque Stroh

    Up on him by 60 years, has some good info but a bit short on battery life. Also keep a eye on the belts, if loose charging system cannot keep up.

  2. Brian Keith Null

    I'm going to definitely check my hoses now. My Lincoln MKS Eco-boost AWD sedan just hit 60k miles on it. I've changed the transmission fluid and the rear differential fluid and the PTU fluid. The rear differential still looked pretty good but the transmission and PTU fluids were both pretty bad with the PTU fluid being the worst. I'll change the hoses and coolant at the same time.

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