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How Can I Stay In Business Working For FREE? Major Collision Repairs? Major Collision Repairs. Repairing Cars and Trucks with My Friend Pete and Diy Auto School. Front End Collision Total Out. Major automotive mechanic repairs. Mercedes Benz are Expensive cars to Repair. Airbags Fly with extreme force.

or 972-420-1293
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  1. Javier V. R.

    I agree with Minnie, but before I say more, I really thank you both for making me laugh when I hear you argue. it was really funny.

  2. Jesse Woodson James

    $15 to $20 Thousand in Damages

  3. stephen rinker

    Minnie why is there a mercedes in my goddamn shop

  4. Helmit Wolfberg

    Tell him minnie,how long you been married to this clown? he's over his head.

  5. James Tunnicliff

    charge the rich asshole more thats common sense

  6. James Tunnicliff

    looks like a money pit to me junk that peace of shit

  7. MarchAutoWerks

    Why didn’t he let insurance total it?

  8. strattuner

    pete brother,if you don't see a profit going in,you won't going out of the deal,a simple phone call, by either of you to a mercedes dealer on hourly rate, will take all of the drama away,mercedes benz is a high dollar car to buy,new or used,the repairs are the same,mechanical or body wise,high dollar,if its foreign,its for someone else,used parts,the free ones with hulks,don't come on foreign,every part is astronomical in price,that's why i do american cars,and now pic n pull has the metal i need almost every time,———profit is not a dirty word,otherwise let someone else do it,mini is right,again,pete you're a rich man,you got someone who loves you,for real,be happy,spin the bolts collect the dough

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