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We pull out the Kansas Jack Frame Machine to repair a Chevy Truck with Serious Body Damage! This is How It works!
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A vehicle’s frame is vital to its structural integrity, acting like a skeleton on which every other component is built. As a result, many auto body customers often believe that a damaged vehicle frame is a death sentence for their car. Fortunately, that’s not always the case.

Modern car frames are specifically designed to make repairs easier. And, on top of that, advances in technology have led to the development of sophisticated frame straightening machines, which are now commonplace in most auto body shops.

With vehicle frame damage occurring in roughly 50% of auto accidents, it’s no wonder that frame straightening is now a huge part of an auto body repair technician’s job. That’s why students pursuing careers in the sector learn how to properly assess frame damage, and fully understand how the frame straightening process works.

A frame straightening machine consists of a large platform for the vehicle, together with two or three rotatable towers which move along the platform to work on different areas of the frame. Modern machines use laser technology to scan the frame and diagnose any damage, and even help technicians provide accurate estimates for customers.

To straighten a frame, technicians use clamps to bolt the vehicle in place on the platform, and chains to attach the damaged areas of the frame to the towers. The towers then use hydraulics and torque to pull the frame back into shape. Frame machines also have electronic measurement systems, so that technicians can ensure that the adjustments are exactly in line with manufacturer specifications.

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