Just some clever things I’ve learned over the years that gearheads may find useful in their home or even professional shop or garage.

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  1. Nick's Hot Wheels

    This is Doug DeMuro's long lost Mechanical brother i think..

  2. Ram2k12

    72 jerks gave thumbs down, because they are not smart enough to use your ideas. That's sad. Good tips for all to see. No need to thumbs down, if you don't want to use 'em.

  3. Mo'in Creemers

    There are DVOMs that start beeping when the lead is in the Amps socket and you switch to Volts

  4. saurabh sharma

    can we done any fix by using torque pro app.

  5. X-Man

    For holding bolt/nut into socket use "Plumber's Putty". Learned this as a Navy Fighter mech. Roll up a little ball and stick it in socket, use just enough that some squeezes out when you put nut/bolt in socket. I bought a container 40 years ago after discharge and still use the same one. It's like children's clay but sticky. Keep lid on it when not in use of course.
    Instead of using torch if seized bolt is still on vehicle, use a heat gun. Spray "non-flammable" penetrating oil on bolt after heating and let it work for a minute or two, use hand wrench only. Reheat if needed. Takes a little more time but much more fire safe on the car/truck, whatever.

  6. Peter Montanez

    thank you,for your tricks and hacks something more to make things easier.

  7. Mustang Guru

    Sometime I will take a frozen nut and bolt and soak it in ATF for a few hours. Comes right loose with no heat. I have a car that needs the hack at beginning of this vid. Thanks for that idea.

  8. rockwellmath

    Use egg cartons to sort and organize valve components for a V6 engine.

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