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3D printed plastic car parts. Here’s why 3D printing is the future of DIY car parts, with Scotty Kilmer. How 3d printing works. 3D printer review and how it works. 2004 Honda Pilot modifications. How to 3d print car parts. Car mod contest winner Tuznindzya and his modified 3D Printed car part on his 2004 Honda Pilot. Car and part review with Scotty Kilmer. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 50 years.

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⬇️Things used in this video:
1. TuzNindzya’s 3D Printing Footage
2. Common Sense
3. 4k Camera:
4. Camera Microphone:
5. Camera Tripod:
6. My computer for editing / uploading:
7. Video editing software:
8. Thumbnail software:

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  1. Super Spice

    I've always been looking on Ebay and always been searching for my dream spoiler. With the development of 3d printing i was able to print a 3 metre high spolier.

  2. sminthian

    Oh, I never thought of 3D printing car parts…

  3. Rybagz

    Someone I know put a 3D printed set of brake calipers on, then hit a wall the next day. I don't think those 2 events are related though!

  4. Eckehardt krieger

    Do these parts meet OEM or SAE standards? All I can say is if the latch fails or these plastic parts fail during an accident and these splinters from the parts cause serious injury, what will insurance companies do when they do a thorough investigation and find that these parts don't meet SAE standards? Would you board a plane if parts from the plane were 3D printed. I would say that 3D printed parts would be categorized as Bogus parts. There is an area of the automotive industry where things should be left up to the engineer and automotive makers. I would feel safer if my parts met requirements approved by safety standards rather than playing Russian roulette with something I can't rely on safely. There is a saying " Short term gain, Long term pain"

  5. Peter Nguyen

    In San Diego, the main public library will let you print free; one item per day up to 2 hours a day. For print jobs longer than 2 hours, appointment is required. So check your city main public library.

  6. Hank Willie

    3d printing is so cool. But since I don't have one I use metal plates heated bent it and weld all kinds of metal. That's what I use for spare parts. I am a hobbyist by the way.

  7. RamblerClassicMan

    Man my family used to have a pilot. So many memories 🙂

  8. woodro morgan

    Wish I knew how to operate one I'm so dumb

  9. Kenny C

    There's a guy that 3D prints giant LEGO pieces. He's on YouTube and man I wish I was a kid again.

  10. qwertyui90qwertyui90

    3D printing cannot give the strength of forged or even cast metal components. Sorry.

    They are useful for lower temp, non stressed parts eg: interior plastic clips or something, Almost anything in the engine bay 3d printing is no good now. I know, I've tried it with my 3D printer…

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