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This video will answer how much my lift and garage cost along with their specs and dimensions. I also show a really compact yet powerful battery jumper that I received for Christmas.

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  1. Zach Winn

    24 by 12 two story 16 to peak. I only have 2000 in it. Still need concrete floor and insulation

  2. fl6stringer

    So, you live in Chicago… Are you able to defend your new garage with a firearm if need-be?

  3. Tim Weidner

    Nice video on your lift and garage. I'm in west Michigan and just setting poles for a 24' x 40' pole building/garage. I expect to have my poles cemented in early this next weeks as I'm running out of time to have cement delivered. I'm a car project guy as well, semi retired and need more room. My expansion is butting up to a old brick 21' x 26' garage so I'll have three stalls for projects and two stalls for the daily drivers. Thanks for the info, T-Dub

  4. Rick Kube

    I had built my own garage over 12 yrs ago … it's a 30 X 40 built buy me and a couple friends that I spent about 6000 on plus beer and burgers when it was done….. insulated and wired done myself… saves tons of cash when you do it yourself… would have been over 30k if a builder did it! Also dug my own basement for our home back in 1991. Nice when you have access to equipment.

  5. Richard Mood

    North Carolina 40×40 12k electric and concrete. However, no paying jobs here so travel for work.


    That Cadillac looks just like my uncle Joe's Cadillac that he had.

  7. SayWhat IThink

    What shitty product placement here's a dislike

  8. LegitStreetCars

    Scotty Kilmer just made a video on the jumper. He seems to like it too!

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