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Step by step tutorial, how to make car ramps. Great alternative to hollow plastic ramps from a store. Very basic concept that can be adapted and/or modified for different applications.
8ft (96″) boards are divided into
33″ – foundation
26″ – second level
20″ – third level
15″ – fourth level
2″ – wheel stops

Materials Used:
2 boards: 2×8, 8ft long
28 screws: 2 1/2″ flat headed screws
Rubber mat, Handles

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  1. Denis

    great idea , gonna build ones the same as yours , thanks for measurements 😉

  2. Johnny 155

    Thanks for the video I've been looking to buy a pair of ramps but why by them if I could make it.

  3. noetek

    Thank you!! Right after your video, i ran to home depot and built it for exactly 23 bucks and change (without handles). Works like a charm!! And to think i was going to buy those plastic ones on amazon.


    I like how calmly you explain things not in a rush to end the video. Great job just subscribed.👍

  5. Tubong Purok Saranay

    Thank you so much sir! But 2x8s are too narrow for me. If you’re willing to spend $50, used 2x12s instead. Here’s my measurement: 48”, 38”, 28” and 18”. All cuts are 45 degrees.

  6. William Penn jr.

    I always get nervous driving up on ramps out of fear I'll drive off the ends. I had a pair of ramps with very deep intents at the top so the car would slow down on it own. That helped a lot. I have one suggestion for you ramps. Route the edges of the first 3 steps to make it easier to drive up and put a small thin block on the edge of the last step to keep the car from rolling back.

  7. Gino Foogle

    Here's another idea.. use 4 of those and lift the whole car.

  8. kurrizzle

    I made this today! All in all, from deciding to make it to getting the lumber, to finding everything I need at Home Depot, to getting it cut there, using janky tools to put it together, took about 2-3 hours. But it's so worth it! Even at full price, the lumber I got, which was 2"x12"x8' (2 in x 12 in x 96 in) cost me about $25. Way cheaper and much more gratifying than those super crappy and scary plastic ramps. I also did the oil change on my driveway, which had a slope of about 1-2 degrees, and drove the car onto the ramps with the car facing downhill. This gave me a few more inches and it actually felt quite roomy under the car 🙂

  9. Tim Klein

    This project and video is so awesome and time saving; thanks; im building a set !!!!!!!

  10. Erin Cogdell

    Thank you SO much for this!! Keep helping others ❤️❤️❤️ God bless you!

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