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I’m going to show you a little but about pulling on our project, then I’m going to throw it all away. This gave me a chance to show the basics of what we are trying to accomplish and a few tips that can be helpful. Let me know what specifics you want to see on future pulling tutorials or even tutorials in general. I’m trying to give a broad scope of repairs and will fine tune once we have covered the basics.

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  1. Jeremy Oliver

    Love the tutorial. Future ones coming?

  2. Alvin Astudillo

    Hi Vechor. Can you show us the best way to do messurment even without any special tools or machines please? Like replacing a front rail. Thanks

  3. trupa9399

    This was my first time watching a video like this. Live tutorials were a big help. Thank you.

  4. Roger M

    Good explanation. You should turn off the auto focus.

  5. Troy Phillips

    The Hammer is known as stress relieving folks

  6. buybuydandavis

    It would be great to see a basic, rear body panel damage repair.

  7. Fujimandkim Yates

    Appreciate your time to make this video.

  8. Richard Thomas

    Thank you ! I have seen many "hack" repairs on line where they pull and stretch and then cut out a section of frame and beat the crumpled metal out with nail hammer then weld the frame back together , then grind through 90% of the weld in a feeble attempt to hide the weld , then bondo the weld and say it is "perfect and OEM" ……………. OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Yehuda Sebag

    I love your video! I just wish you could smile from time to time … you got the face for it! Keep them coming!

  10. Olena Erhardt

    A frame was bent due to hit in the rear, trunk doesn't close. Can it be strightened by pulling by that frame with another car? Thank you for the informative film.

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