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Here is a very common problem on the Focus, and it’s a fairly easy repair. Here are the details.

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  1. Eyal Inbar

    You just saved me a trip to the repair shop. Thanks

  2. tazdv11

    Thanks for posting this video. It helped me fix my niece's car and save her a bunch of money

  3. Clarence Newsome

    get to the point my problem was after i installed rear main seal when i torch the bolts down my crankshaft won't rotate

  4. Forbes Hutton

    Polar bears from the arctic, as opposed to polar bears from the desert.

  5. Jerred with 2 Es and 2 Rs

    While the excessive talk about searching in the beginning was necessary, he eventually pointed me in the right direction for the same issue he described. The vacuum hose he shows cracked was fine on my car, but there is another one coming off the same solenoid and that one was cracked in 2 placed, replaced it and my focus runs perfect!


    2 minutes into the video after the explanation of how to search for the exact result for polar bears. To find out that this video has nothing to do with the exact code I searched Google for. Misleading information…

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