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Here is a very common problem on the Focus, and it’s a fairly easy repair. Here are the details.

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  1. Cheezburger 61

    When you replaced the hose, you could have taped the new hose to the old hose and pulled it through while removing the old hose. Easy way to route the new one.

  2. Luis Alejandro Jorquera

    Focus SE Zetec 2002 Doble Head the intake manifold go close to fire wall How I am going to fixe

  3. yahia alhomsi

    Always when i run the car in the morning I hear this sound comes from the engine I do not know what is I have changed the belt of the generator but the sound did not go Can you help me? The car has drive 209,000 km and has not changed the engine belt

  4. Jason Stewart

    30 years I have been working on cars, and I had never seen the wire in the vacuum line trick, thank you for that!

  5. Roadslogger

    I google tits, I got a loads of tits. I like tits more than bears. I narrowed it down to pointed tits. No need to worry about the Focus now. Thanks!

  6. ld2653

    I have to tell you thank you. You saved me tons of trouble with this little video.

  7. Frank Collins

    2009 Ford Focus… check engine light on steady, note … check pvc hose may be linked or plugged with ice plug!
    This happened to mine fixed today tell tale sign also is engine oil flows out of oil dipstick

  8. FullMetalANARCHIST

    My 08 ford focus is giving me a p0741 code, what does the diy guy with no mechanic background whatsoever gotta do in order to get my trans working again. My step dad put a new used trans in it last year and now this shits happening. Please help

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