Anthony @ DIYautotech taking through the first video of a multi part series on automotive electrical diagnosis. Today we cover BASIC electrical equipment every DIYer should have and explain a basic theory behind fuses and relays.

More videos in the series will include further in depth step by step teachings on how to use every piece of equipment on your car to successfully diagnose a problem.

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  1. Mathew Wood

    Very informative, mate. The only issue that I see is that some novices will be feeling for a thermally hot wire when looking for a wire with power!!! Anyway, nice work, mate.

  2. Mohammad Javaid Malik

    thank you very much one of your nice video i ha ve ever seen love it very informative get lot from it

  3. Noel Budhram

    where can I fine that exact OBD2 code reader that you have am looking for it on eBay but I can't find that exact one

  4. shamus jubenal

    Great video, I appreciate the info!

  5. VIP Electrician Brisbane

    Very informative and good one. Thanks for your good work dude. If you need any help from us let us know as expert electrician we can help you. Thanks

  6. Christian Trezelle

    Very good explanation of the relay

  7. trollaccount

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  8. sama valentine Dakogha


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