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Learn how to perform a simple tune up to make sure your car is running at its best, and just as importantly, maintaining efficient fuel consumption. Doing a car tune up is easier than you might think. Just a few steps and a few minutes will keep your spark plugs, ignition wires, O2 sensors, air filters, and cabin air filters in optimum working order.

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  1. Tyrell Steele

    He didn’t do anything just said what to do not very helpful autozone

  2. Esoteric Mystery

    I heard a 2006 Ford Escape does not need plugs replaced?

  3. Esoteric Mystery

    My car is 216k and I've never done a tuneup :/

  4. Djentyman

    Bunch of bulls**t. Cabin air filters don’t need to be changed at time ups. Only thing you need to do is replace spark plugs and coils and that’s it. Even the O2 sensor isn’t usually apart of the tune up process

  5. Jack Diamond

    this is the "i dont void warrantys" 101

  6. Jacob Ecret

    Oh god, autozone making videos, I had no idea🤦🏼‍♂️ So I get to buy a part from the worst parts store and watch their video on how to install it. I’ll be right back I need to goto autozone for some spark plugs.

  7. Chris Macy

    He looks like buddy from cake boss

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