This is a demonstration how you repair your broken windshield with DIY Windshield Repair Kit

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  1. Earthgal

    I have two dings in my windshield but you can't feel any roughness  as in a hole or anything. What can I do to ensure it won't spider outward?

  2. edzryxq nina

    It works. Thanks for sharing the video it make easier to understand the instruction. However I have to do it twice since my first attempt didn't go so well. the chipped didn't completely goes away but it did minimize the crack alot.

  3. graham stone

    This is the Rain-X Windshield Repair Kit available at Walmart in the US, Halfords in the UK, Supercheap Auto in Australia and many other auto parts stores around the world. 

  4. Razor howl

    im trying this right now on a scratch and a small chip  some how i dout it will work well 

  5. fadi taih

    What if it's winter out and the sun isn't showing and won't but there still light out. Will it work?

  6. caswell Mbobo

    how to order a kit? i am in south africa

  7. Rob Brears

    what a load of crap been a windscreen fitter for 25 years and believe me these kits are a rip off for one thing there isnt sufficient pressure in them to drive the resin into the laminate second thing is that resin they supply with it is shite and sunlight is not strong enough to cure the resin or the pit fill then there knowing how to clean the resin off and polish it so dont believe all you see in this video and you cant repair cracks either rant over ………

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