Welcome back to the Ikigai Driven channel. In today’s episode, Matt is fixing some rust spots. The driver fender and quarter panel had spots that were bubbling up through the paint. Before the weather gets any colder, we thought it was time to do it. Sit back and enjoy the video

The paint we’re using are from AutomotiveTouchUp. The paint match is very close! We’re absolutely amazed on the outcome

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  1. First Name Last Name

    Just found your channel and liked your videos alot how they are just raw material.
    I think if you just keep doing this you'll get big some day. (you just got a new sub)

  2. KxdawgZ

    what do you use to edit and make your thumbnails?
    Great video btw, that turned out great

  3. Akash Bbba

    fuck the stock fenders, grab some fly1 crabon fiber fenders, sexy af

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