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DIY magnetic suspension

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  1. Anthony Bryson

    I wanted to do this so bad, thanks for taking the first steps for me!

  2. Levi Laraki

    Lexus ls400 uses Bose magnetic suspension

  3. dimitri motor

    transformers open up and you have it all but if that works is a question

  4. Henrique Souza

    Well, a magnetic brake would be a good idea too, like using a motor or alternator to decelerate the car, maybe even make some spare energy, also, turbo alternator its another nice project.

  5. goawaken afriend

    the suspense was killing me watching this video.

  6. Erik Johansson

    Looking forward to the episode when one of the young guys lose an eye while using the angle grinder.
    Pure stupidity not use anything to protect the eyes. Pity.

  7. lahokc59

    Maybe using light springs with the magnets together would work better

  8. lostInSpace 1

    Thid is how space ships well use as engines I dreamed big magnetic magnets that created thunderbolts ran a big spaceship or a star ship that the power never ended ..

  9. carlos melgoza

    You have to do this again lol but improved/revised

  10. Jason i love oz

    Man..that's bonza..I love these vids

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