Here’s how to repair a crack in a plastic bumper.

Cracked bumpers are common on many vehicles that frequent shopping malls drive on rural roads. Often times a replacement is not warranted due to high cost or low quality replacements.

This video demonstrates how you can fix your cracked bumper by yourself at home, with supplies you can get from any auto-parts store.

First, a V-groove is grinded into the back of the crack to increase the surface area for the epoxy adhesion. The crack is then sanded and cleaned.

The top of the crack was secured with a clamp and the front of the crack was held together with tape. JB-Weld Plastic Bonder was then used to fill in the crack from behind. Drywall tape was used as a reinforcement and the setup was allowed to cure overnight.

After the 2-part epoxy is dried, it will be rock hard. From the front, the crack should now be much less visible if it was aligned properly.

Sand the front of the bumper around the damaged area. Use plastic auto-body filler to fill in the cracks, and progressively sand the filler off before applying primer.

Use some rubbing alcohol, paint thinner or acetone to clean the surface before applying primer. The primer was then wetsanded before paint was applied.

The paint was ordered in a spray can from CarQuest and mixed according to the paint code. The color match is very close, just slightly darker due to the 12 year old oxidized paint, and there is a decent pearl that shines back in the sunlight.

Two thin layers are applied then allowed to dry for a few hours before handling. The bumper can then be replaced on the vehicle and fasteners reattached. Wait a few days for the paint to fully cure before applying polish and wax.

Now stand back and enjoy your repaired bumper. The whole process shouldn’t take more than a day if you factor in drying time.

This video is an excellent tutorial to follow:

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