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  1. Gabrielle Minogue

    Wheel thingy UH? I heard about that Lol. Quite different from most everybody else. I understand where you are coming from and why. Thanks

  2. HeeltoeAuto

    Nicely done. I know this obviously is not a professional video. I've been envisioning building a set up much like yours here… I would say that this video is inspiring at least, but even more than that, relatively instructional for someone who's actually done alignments before and wants to do them at home using this system.

  3. Marcel LeMay

    I like the platforms you built to have the car up off the ground for easier access to the adjustments. That's really cool. I'm not sure that I'd feel comfortable doing a pickup truck on those because of the weight. I might weld some up out of steel. I have a car lift, but there's not a level spot to be found on my concrete floor. I'd gladly pay someone to do my alignments but nobody wants to do them the right way- they all just do a "toe and go" alignment, which really pisses me off.

  4. Mirwais H

    forget it – I will have my dog piss on the tires and am sure will fix it ..FREE

  5. ozmaniac49

    Thanks for doing this tutorial. Has helped me a lot. Pete in Australia

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