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  1. Philo Beddoe

    Another good vid thanks Joey. At least that kit did help make the dent look a bit better before it broke, and was only 20 bucks.

  2. Todd Bearden

    You would think to look on YouTube for other reviews on that very product and seen pretty much the same results without wasting your money on it. I can't be positive but it seems like last year I seen a review on it and it failed I don't know if I seen it on YouTube or on TV or what but I knew from the gate when I seen you pull it out of the package it was going to be a failure because of the other review I had seen. I bet if you looked around on YouTube you would find it. Oh well maybe next time. How come you haven't been working on your scooter at all?

  3. Kaan Erdem

    use hairdryer to have better results, or hot water to soften the metal/plastic. Ive done it on my car with hot water and a suction cup that i bought from Ikea store for 5$ (they are very good) and done a tool with it myself.

  4. 1bigpea

    There's a lot more involved with Paintless dent removal than just "pooping" out the dent. We as dent techs use much better equipment and wouldn't actually use glue pulling method for where your dents are located.

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