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Like many, I’m concerned about the COVID-19, or, Corona Virus. In particular I was curious about its effects on the auto repair industry. I did some research and put the information I found in this video.

If you’re in the auto repair, or auto manufacturing industry, I’d love to hear from you. Please comment below on your experiences up to this point and beyond.

I hope you all stay safe and healthy. Don’t worry, we’ll get through this.


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  1. Cam McElwee

    I am a self employed mobile mechanic and I drive my 92 Ford L9000 wreaker with tools to farms and driveways everywhere here in Saskatchewan Canada. Since the virus and our local lockdown in this province, essential travel (bus, ambulance, tow trucks and civilians who need to go to doctors and such) is where we're limited to.

    I took a hit but gained a bit more business in the future because my customers like my work and I been doing complementary services when they can't pay in this difficult situation.

    But the one thing I'm not doing at this time is, charging the emergency personnel and truckers that keep North America running.

    We're in this together. 😎👍

  2. Walter Sheens

    stay safe and strong USA heroes / best from Europe

  3. RANCT1

    In my Honda dealership we could notice the degraded amount of vehicles coming in for service and Express services was shut down everyone got laid off then it happened to services and I was one to be laid off…

  4. Paul S

    Got my 2003 Camry serviced exactly before all this hit, got lucky
    Once all these new cars start breaking down these old 90s and 2000s Camrys, Civics, Corollas, Accords, Acuras, etc. will become even more valuable.

  5. Joe’s Life

    Never thought about a lot of what you said
    Keep those videos come bra

  6. mgee63

    I work in the service drive of a large dealership….showroom is closed but service drive still open servicing a bunch of morons that cant take heed and stay home. It amazes me especially with the morons that come in for service wearing masks. These douche bags show up wearing masks because they need an oil change and tire rotation…are you kidding me! the morons in this world…easy to see why this has become a pandemic


    As a gm tech this is going to be much like when the uaw went on strike, virtually every car we worked on we pulled in orderd a part not being able to tell the customer when it was coming and pulled it out. If the car was totally un usable it sat there for a month to two months waiting on parts. Top this off with every shop being insanely slow because people are afraid to come in, I bet im laid off in weeks

  8. Adrian

    So after all its a bad idea to build all the shit in China. Diversity and shit right? 3000 genders ,diversity ,open borders ,globalism but when shit hits the fan its good to have factories in your home country.

  9. Jon Roberts

    I've been in the auto part remanufacturing/rebuilding industry for 33 years. Family owned & operated down to the me and one employee of 27 years from 40+. We had the American dream. We couldn't outrun china. We are smaller now since the chinese invasion of our part type over the last 15-18 years but still very viable. Our scope goes back to the 40's and of course through current day. We offer turnaround of 2 hrs or less on most rebuilds. The ride share offerings of Uber, Lyft, & Roadie can provide delivery to and from. It is odd that our phone does not ring nearly at all because of the sheer dependency of chinese parts which truly are worse than a OEM being rebuilt from our knowledge and experience spanning over 3 decades. I subscribe to the hand full of people Eric knows with channels and their opinions of rebuilt or remanufactured parts have been labeled as, "they suck". Even Eric did a video of the replacement of the very parts we rebuild and put chinese in. Sad that they don't realize they asked for what they received and now they have little to no one to turn to to get their parts because of the dependency on china. I've said it often. Reap what you sow. We will hang in and continue to target more specific audiences for our craft since we know that no one else claiming to repair what we do can do it to the same level of quality. Our supply chain is not affected though our customers, the service repair shops, are yet they continue to claim no issue with chinese goods, but often choose them over us. Then when the obvious quality issue rears its head they want us to be their emergency "go to" with no semblance of loyalty. Nothing like being the whore on the corner! The consumer asked for the issues they are now experiencing and we don't feel sorry for them because "practice prevents piss poor performance" as the old man used to say. You get what you pay for. Putting your eggs in one basket. It's a COMMUNIST COUNTRY! You know the words from history our elders were teaching that no one hears these days. And since the attention span of most today is that of a gnat or 7 seconds and 140 characters, communication has declined to cave man levels of speech, reading, and COMPREHENSION. No one knows what to do except those who paid attention to history, listened to our elders, and expected rainy days. I truly believe in my lifetime that the country will get worse in so many aspects and I am glad I won't be here to see it look like a sci-fi or action adventure film we all saw in the 80's. Time to go to work and get my hands dirty. No pansy nitrile gloves needed! Part of the reason people are in this mess…. they don't get dirty so they can't "stay dirty". Love the channel @ETCG1

  10. Darin Porter

    I'd love to comment, but your dumb ass shadowbanned me for no reason

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