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A disturbing recent law concerning DIY automotive repair was uncovered and has been going around online. This law concerns Sacramento, but I’m sure there are other places with similar regulations as well and more will spread.

Don’t Believe it? Here is a couple links:

Code Enforcement Info Page –

Zoning Code, Click Chapter 5 –

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  1. Robert Aitchison

    Guarantee this law came about because somebody (or multiple somebodies) set up an auto repair business in their driveway/front yard compete with "accidental" spills of oil and other chemicals into the soil.

    The problem is since the law is on the books it can and will be abused. A likely scenario is if you have a disagreement with one of your neighbors they can use this to have the city harass you.

    Oh and BTW Sacramento county is a very red area, a higher percentage of Republicans than most large cities in Texas. These are the people who want to break off from the state and form their own "Jefferson"

  2. Fake Pinoy

    Laws like this are intentionally written to be vague in several areas. That does 2 things…first it gives law enforcement a lot of leeway to issue citations. Second, if someone does get a citation they will likely hire a lawyer to fight it. Either way it's a cash cow for the county.

  3. Mark G

    I'm tempted to put a bullet in my head waiting for you to get to the meat. It took you 2 minutes.

    So, no timing belt, water pump, alternator, starter, radiator, CV axles, axle bearings, etc.
    These rules are mild compared to many Home Owners' Association C, C, & Rs that don't allow the garage door to be left open.
    In just about any municipality, it is illegal to keep a non-operating vehicle in front of the house for more than 72 hours whether it is current on registration or not.

  4. Rudy Munoz

    It's purposely written very vague so the law has an uperhand on the uninformed citizen.

  5. Rudy Munoz

    Make a video on SD laws about the subject if any.

  6. X-Man

    So if Mom or girlfriend comes over and has a flat in my driveway, I can't change it because she doesn't live there. I can't change an alternator, fan belt, or battery. But I can do a brake job? Where is the logic in that?
    The law is vague for a reason. The reason is so that the tyrannical county govt can selectively enforce it. If you live next door to a hoity-toity elitist might as well throw all your mechanic tools away but no problem having your illegal alien Gardener running a leaf blower at 6:30 am. Get out your table saw and just start randomly cutting wood as soon as hoity-toity has company over. LOL

    Laws already exists dealing with noise, pollution and eyesores.
    Globalist progressives want you out of your car, especially if you are working poor or middle class, they want you to be forced into mass transit.

    The car hobby is big in Sacramento and Cali in general but they apparently don't carry the love of the hobby into the voting booth. In Cali, the majority remove their brain before voting, the evidence of this is ample. This list of Cali POS politicians is legion.

  7. Duke Craig

    In Mother California, car works on you!!!

  8. steel man

    California should slide off into to ocean everybody that lives there is crazy.

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